Psychiatric Medication Management

We offer psychiatric medication management with our experienced and caring providers. Aloha Behavioral is proud to provide our community with a DO, a PA, and an APRN who are licensed to prescribe medication to treat depression, ADHD, anxiety, and more.

We believe in a holistic approach to mental health and encourage our patients to attend therapy sessions in addition to taking medication.

There are a large array of psychiatric issues including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, addictive behavior, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and more. There are also many sub-types of each disorders and they can be treated with medication and therapy to improve your quality of life. Please call us to schedule an appointment at 801.399.1818. To learn more about sub-types and examples, see the information below, courtesy of

Examples of symptoms of psychiatric disorders include:

  • Confused thinking
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • Deep, ongoing sadness, or feeling “down”
  • Inability to manage day-to-day stress and problems
  • Trouble understanding situations and other people
  • Withdrawal from others and from activities you used to enjoy
  • Extreme tiredness, low energy, or sleeping problems
  • Strong feelings of fear, worry, or guilt
  • Extreme mood changes, from highs to lows, often shifting very quickly
  • Detachment from reality (delusions), paranoia (the belief that others are “out to get you,”) or hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t there)
  • Marked changes in eating habits
  • A change in sex drive
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Excessive anger, hostility, and/or violence
  • Suicidal thinking