M. Shawn Palau, LCSW

Clinical Director and Therapist

M. Shawn Palau, LCSW, is not only the Clinical Director but also a Co-Owner of our institution, blending clinical expertise with strategic leadership to foster comprehensive mental health care. With over two decades of dedicated service in the field of clinical social work, Shawn brings a wealth of experience and insight to his multifaceted role.

Shawn’s journey in mental health began with the attainment of a master’s degree in social work from the University of Hawaii, where he honed his skills in psychotherapy techniques and specialized interventions. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), he has since dedicated himself to serving diverse populations, offering empathetic support and evidence-based treatments tailored to individual needs.

In his capacity as Clinical Director, Shawn leads by example, ensuring that our clinical team delivers services of the highest quality. His deep understanding of therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed care, and mindfulness-based interventions, enriches our practice and enhances client outcomes.

As a Co-Owner of the company, Shawn brings a unique perspective that intertwines clinical excellence with strategic foresight. He spearheads initiatives to integrate innovative approaches into our service delivery model, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of mental health care provision.

Beyond his leadership roles, Shawn remains deeply committed to ongoing professional development, staying abreast of the latest research and best practices in the field. He is a passionate advocate for mental wellness, actively engaging in community outreach efforts and educational endeavors to promote awareness and destigmatization.

Driven by a profound dedication to healing and transformation, Shawn embodies the values of compassion, integrity, and excellence that define our organization. Through his clinical expertise and visionary leadership, he continues to shape the landscape of mental health care, empowering individuals to embark on their journey towards healing and wholeness.