Emotional Support Animal

Bailey, born May 8, 2017, is a registered emotional support dog who loves all of his patients, but especially children. Children who have a difficult time attaching, who are shy, or who are emotional about going to therapy, transition well with Bailey. He completed his Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) training to help improve a patient’s social, cognitive functioning, or emotional states. He helps patients with affective disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. Bailey’s personal favorite is Animal-Assisted Activity (AAA), a more casual and unstructured model where he can serve his purpose of loving and hugging his patients. He is a full-time employee at Aloha Behavioral and started when he was only two months old. His structured training was interrupted when he had multiple medical issues, though he is currently healthy. In the future, Bailey plans to go back into training to continue to be the best version of himself. Bailey works primarily with Cara Webb and his sister Lulu-Mopster, though he enjoys greeting every patient he sees. All dog lovers welcomed!