If you need to contact your therapist for any reason outside of billing or scheduling appointments, please feel free to email them. Should you need to schedule an appointment or talk about a bill, please contact the front office. If requesting a specific therapist, please note that some providers have limited availability. 
M. Shawn Palau, LCSW, NOJOS
Clinical Director and Therapist
Shawn has been working in the mental health field since 1991. He has experience in private mental health, child and adolescent acute care, and the public mental health systems. His experience also includes community based residential group homes, independent living programs, halfway houses, chemical dependency groups, and critical incident stress debriefing. Shawn received his Masters Degree at the University of Hawaii where he worked with the Native Hawaiian population. He has wide experience with minority patients and families. He is NOJOS accredited with extensive experience in sex-specific therapy and chemical dependency. Shawn is trained in ASAM and SASSI criteria for determining levels of care for substance abuse. 
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J. Richard Rees, MD
Medical Director and Physician
Dr. Rees provides medical treatment for the Medication Assisted Treatment Program. He also sees adult patients referred by their therapist. Dr. Rees has over 40 years of experience in the medical field as a thoracic surgeon. After retiring as a surgeon, he became passionate about helping people with addiction. He enjoys getting to know his patients and helping them during the journey of recovery. Dr. Rees sees patients by referral only and accepts Medicare, most Medicaid plans, and a few private insurances. 
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Lynda Lazar, APRN
Nurse Practitioner
Lynda provides psychiatric medication services for Aloha. She has over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. Lynda has a strong diversified background with experience in urgent care, family practice, emergency medicine, and elder care. She is proficient in minor procedures, urgent treatment and assessment, chronic disease management, and health maintenance of all age groups. Lynda recently became waivered to be a provider for our Medication Assisted Treatment Program. 
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DJ Ballingham MSEM, MSPAS, RN, PA-C
DJ provides psychiatric medication services as well as medical treatment for our Medication Assisted Treatment Program for addiction. DJ attended Weber State University and graduated with a Degree in Nursing. He practiced as a Registered nurse for 7 years in the areas of Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical Care, and Cardiac Care. He subsequently graduated with a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR, following which he attended West Virginia University as part of their Emergency Medicine Residency Program. DJ has been practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant for the past 15 years with extensive experience in the areas of Emergent/Urgent Medicine, Family Medicine, and Behavioral Health/Addiction Medicine. He treats individuals of all ages and is licensed to provide Suboxone and Buprenorphine treatment as part of the Medication Assisted Treatment Program here at Aloha. He speaks Spanish fluently. He is pleased to be part of our multidisciplinary team practicing Behavioral Medicine and Addiction Medicine. 
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Kristin Kaserman, LMFT, NTS, Reiki Master
Kristin has over 20 years of experience in mental health and addictions treatment. She has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, a degree in Natural Therapeutics, and is a Reiki Master. She has a holistic and empowering approach to treatment and enjoys working with individuals of all ages, couples, and various configurations of families. She runs the Intensive Outpatient Program for substance abuse with dual diagnosis at Aloha. She is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Kristin is also certified in EMDR to help with her trauma patients. Kristin is originally from Eastern Tennessee and most recently moved from Taos, New Mexico where she was a clinical director of an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment facility. She is active in many outdoor activities and is currently a volunteer with the Ogden area Amateur Radio Emergency Services. 
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Rachael Collinsworth, LMFT
Rachael is a mother of two who was born and raised in California just south of San Francisco. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology at California State University, Sonoma and Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology at National University in Stockton, California. Rachael has worked with individuals who struggle with past traumas, relationship issues, substance abuse, family issues, parenting issues, and those seeking personal growth in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She believes in helping others overcome weaknesses as well as helping to enhance their strengths. Rachael uses the following modalities in her sessions as available to meet the needs of different patients: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Art and Play Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she offers therapeutic services for adolescents, adults, couples, families, and groups meeting a variety of needs. She has a motivated outlook and doesn't want to waste your time, so be ready to work hard.
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Marcia Andersen, CMHC
Marcia has been with Aloha since 2014. She previously worked with foreign adoptions and troubled youth in a residential home for boys aged 12-18. She also worked at an adult inpatient behavioral health unit at a local hospital. She has been married for 39 years and is the mother of seven adult children and a grandmother of 10. She loves working with substance abuse, marriage, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and anything else having seven children can teach you. She received her Bachelors Degree at Weber State University and her Masters Degree at the University of Phoenix. She uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, depending on the needs of the patient, but specializes in solution focused therapy and reality therapy.
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Cara Webb, LCSW, NOJOS
Cara has worked with youth and their families for over 20 years with a focus on children and adolescents, from early intervention to secure care. She was a suicide prevention trainer for DJJS and is certified in instruments such as the SPS and C-SSRS. In the past she has worked with court ordered individuals with sex-specific issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, and theft reform. Presently, she is able to see children, adolescents, and adults of all backgrounds for a variety of issues, including depression and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, sex-specific issues, substance abuse, behavioral issues, and adjustment, among others. Cara has a unique approach with her patients and likes to think outside of the box. She seeks to empower her patients and cares deeply about them. She uses a holistic and humanistic approach in the therapeutic environment. Cara is Bailey's handler and utilizes him in her sessions.
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Emotional Support Animal
Bailey, born May 8, 2017, is a registered emotional support puppy who loves children and their handlers. Oftentimes children who have a difficult time attaching, who are shy, or children who are emotional about going to therapy transition well with Bailey. He is currently in Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) training to help improve a patient's social, cognitive functioning, or emotional states. He helps patients with affective disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. Bailey's personal favorite is Animal-Assisted Activity (AAA), a more casual and unstructured model where he can serve his puppy purpose of loving and hugging his patients. He is a full-time employee at Aloha Behavioral and started when he was only two months old. His structured training is ongoing and he is currently enrolled in a Focus and Impulse Control class through the Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club. He loves to run and jump and his next goal is to enroll into the Agility Foundations class to work on his proprioception, contact obstacles course, small space jumping drills, and good sportsmanship skills. Bailey works primarily with Cara Webb, though he enjoys greeting every patient he sees. All dog lovers welcomed!
Reena Green-Josoff, LCSW
Reena earned her Bachelors degree in Social Work at Idaho State University and Masters of Social Work degree from Walla Walla College. She has experience working with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups in educational, inpatient, and clinical settings. She has worked with patients experiencing issues related to anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, abuse and trauma, grief and loss, family conflict, and challenges that accompany poverty, homelessness, and oppression. Reena uses a strengths-based approach and believes that an important part of her role is to provide a safe environment and work in partnership with her patients to build a trusting therapeutic relationship. Reena utilizes components of mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy to assist patients in developing an awareness of ways in which their experiences influence thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors. Reena works to assist her patients in identifying personal values and goals and making choices that build and reflect those goals and values. 
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Stephanie Woolworth, CMHC
Stephanie has worked with children, adolescents, families, couples, and adults of all ages with depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse. She has practiced in private and public mental health agencies where she has helped a diverse patient population work throught a multitude of difficulties. Stephanie graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Social Work and later received her Masters of Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix. Stephanie is extremely patient-centered and caters her therapy to the needs of the individual/individuals she meets with. She draws from many therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Trauma Informed Care. Stephanie is also trained in EMDR. Stephanie has a passion for assisting patients with their emotional well-being, no matter what situation they are facing. 
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M. Andrew Montgomery, LCSW, MBA
Andrew is a Humanistic and strengths-based therapist who is able to see a variety of issues, including those dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. He works with all ages, but specializes in working with children in early childhood who have experienced trauma, loss, and learning disabilities, as well as social, emotional, psychological, and mental issues. Andrew has also worked with couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual issues in relationships or individually, such as sexual dysfunction, loss of sex drive, impotence, or inability to orgasm. Regardless of the type of patient, Andrew's philosophy is not simply to work on the symptoms of the problem, but to look to find the roots of the problem in a safe and caring environment where lasting change can be made. Andrew's experience extends beyond therapy. At the University of Utah, he was a professor for eight years who taught courses on Infancy and Early Childhood Development, Adolescent Development, Parent/Child Relationships, Marriage and Family, and Human Sexuality. Andrew earned both his undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies as well as his Master of Social Work at the University of Utah. He also has a Master of Business Administration. Andrew's therapeutic techniques vary by individual based on their needs and personality. He utilizes a combination of therapeutic modalities because he believes that lives are complex and generally there is no single one issue or probem you need help with to move from unhealthy to healthy. 
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Yvette Palau
Business Director
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Mandee Rodriguez
Office Manager
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Carli Berger
Billing Specialist
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Kelly Rende
Recovery Specialist
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Sloan Becker
Administrative Specialist
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